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We are a Platform Coop for education.
Everyone can become a member and has a voice.
Together, we create a learning environment that benefits everyone.
Open source and data protection compliant.

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Platform Coop

The core idea of this concept is democracy. For us as a company, this is totally obvious, because oose eG is a cooperative that belongs to its employees. We don't have a classic hierarchy; instead, we manage ourselves in a self-organized way.

Now we want to apply this principle to the entire education industry and therefore design haqoo as a Platform Coop. This is how we ensure, that what happens is not determined by individuals or investors, but by the learners and teachers of the platform itself.
Cooperation instead of competition, community instead of a predatory market.

oose is made up of people who really want to teach other people. We would like to cooperate worldwide with colleagues who share our attitude. However, education is becoming more and more commercial, which means that the needs of the users take a back seat to the profit motive.

Our goal is to create competition for the best education - not for the cheapest product that looks good on a resume.

We are looking for partner companies that want to help shape haqoo from the beginning.
Feel free to contact us!

Platform Coops


Do you have questions or feedback regarding haqoo? Or want to join us? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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